Green Initiatives

ducksOur environment is our life and the future of our children and grandchildren; we have only been loaned the land for a short time. It is not ours to keep, but to preserve for those who follow.

As Keepers of the Earth, Meadowbrook:

  • Uses manure as organic fertilizer to grow grain corn, winter wheat, and Soya Beans which allows us to limit commercial fertilizers based on their Nutrient Management Plan requirements for crops.
  • Uses injectors to place manure under the soil on planted corn fields to prevent run-off and odors.
  • Uses our own grain as feed to lessen their carbon foot print.
  • Composts the organic waste from the market using shredded cardboard as one of the carbon sources.
  • pigsSince 2009 all our animals have been housed at our home farm, eliminating 2 to 3 hours per day of travel to other locations to do chores; a huge drop in our environmental foot print.
  • Have all animals slaughtered within 40 km of the farm.
  • Sell local products.
  • Worked with Ducks Unlimited to create a wetland habitat on the farm; an initiative that began in the fall of 2008.