jim margie02Jim comes from a long line of farmers and bought his farm in 1978 starting out raising hogs and beef cattle. In the early 1990’s he changed to only hogs and to a farrow to finish operation in the late 1990’s. This was a time of change, and there were many more changes to come for Meadowbrook.

In order to remain a viable part of an ever changing industry, Jim and Margie have made many changes to the farm over the years. They worked with animal nutritionists to grow Omega Pork with an all-natural, antibiotic and animal bi-product free feed. They are the first in Atlantic Canada to do so.

storeIt was during this time, from very humble beginnings that they opened the doors to their first meat market. They started as a small single dwelling, open only on Saturdays to sell a side of pork, fresh cuts and ham. Over the years, thanks to their many loyal customers they have grown exponentially! As demand grew, so did the size of their staff and market. In the mid nineties, they became provincially inspected. Their animals are slaughtered offsite at a provincially inspected facility, independent of them.

In October of 2007, Meadowbrook celebrated the opening of their new, larger processing and retail market. With this expansion, they have the space needed to do more processing and grow their product line, as well as enabling them to carry quality products from more than 40 local producers.

caterCatering was an addition to the farm in the early 90’s as well. It began as a way for local producers in the area to promote local pork. Eventually, Meadowbrook purchased the BBQ from the producers and what was once the occasional weekend BBQ get-together has grown to a year round business, Pork on Wheels.

awardJim and Margie have dedicated their lives to the community through farming and teaching. Thanks to the ongoing support from their customers and community, life is forever busy. In addition to running a multifaceted operation, Jim has maintained a sales business with Pioneer Hi-bred for more than 30 years. He has received a lifetime achievement award from EKCC and the Lambs continue to be active voices in the community through Rotary, Taste of Nova Scotia, and Select Nova Scotia.

They were very honoured in 2011 to be awarded the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Award for Producer of the Year and became a 2011 award finalist of the Atlantic Business Ethics Award for a business with fewer than 15 employees sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of the Atlantic Provinces.  In 2013 they were delighted to be awarded the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce Award for Small Business of the Year!