Quality Omega Pork products are by design at Meadowbrook.jim margie01

Long before the pork chops or roast arrives on your dinner plate, years of planning, professional development and researching of practices for proper nutrition, good genetics for fat to lean yield, and good animal husbandry have been part of the ongoing efforts to improve the quality of pork Meadowbrook provide their customers.


  • Quality breeding stock is used.
  • Antibiotic FREE pork. We accomplished this through working closely with the vet and herdsmen to establish consistent practices to enable them to eliminate the use of antibiotics.
  • All fresh sausages are made without fillers or preservatives.
  • The necessary preservatives are used in our fully cooked products as required for food safety.
  • Jimmie Dogs, Smoked Bologna, Deli Salami, and Deli Pepperoni are made without gluten, animal by-products or MSG.
  • We offer pork that is rich in Omega 3 & 6. This is accomplished by working closely with feed nutritionists to make an all natural feed blend that allows for Omega Pork.
  • We make “No Salt added” sausage to accommodate some dietary needs.
  • Natural wood smoke is used in the smoking process.