Meadowbrook ensures that our pork products are both safe and of a high quality.

  • We follow industry standards and also set in place other criteria to achieve our goal of safe, quality products.
  • We conduct monthly herd Health Checks to help maintain or exceed industry standards for the care and health of their animals from birth to market.
  • All animals are sent to an independent abattoir to be slaughtered. There they must meet provincial standards before being returned to Meadowbrook for further processing.
  • Meadowbrook Market and our processing facility is a provincially inspected site, a privilege that is highly important to us and maintaining those standards are taken very seriously.
  • Full-time retail, butchering, management, and catering staff have their Food Handlers Course Level 1.
  • We have WHIMIS trained staff.
  • We are members of CQA Canadian Quality Assurance program to insure quality pork / animal care.
  • Training on proper cleaning, food handling and OHS procedures is ongoing.