Smoked Products

jim1Our smoked product line has grown over the years. As we develop new products from our Omega Pork, such as Deli-Salami, Deli-Pepperoni, Smoked Bologna, Jimmie Dogs and Smoked Maplewood Ribs we have not changed the care we take, or the the natural wood smoke we use, to make all our smoked products.

Years ago, we changed from our outdoor smoker to a fully automated stainless steel smoke house – which uses hardwood sawdust to create smoke. This allows us to use various kinds of hardwood to create smoke for different products.

Our smoked sausage and pepperoni are favourites of many of our customers as well as our feature product for Taste of Nova Scotia, our regular natural smoked ham. It is because of this ham that we are now known as the home of the “Jimmie Lamb Ham.”

All of our smoked products are made without gluten.

Other Smoked Products

Our hams, bacons, hocks, smoked tenderloins, and porkstrami are smoked with a natural wood smoke, created from smoldering maple sawdust in our automated smoke house.


This fully cooked; cured, seasoned & smoked pork loin is a surprise to your taste buds. Use it with condiments to make an amazing panini or pair it with our boneless ham and one of our locally made cheeses.

dogsJimmie Dogs (Wieners or hot dogs)

Whatever the name this is one of our newest products. The “Jimmie Dog” is made without gluten, no animal by-products or MSG. After many trials and retrials we came up with a product that has excellent flavour, texture and appearance. Even though the “Jimmie Dog” cannot be considered a source of Omega 3 and 6 check out the nutrient label to see that this is a “better for you wiener” AND it tastes great!

Preparation: Grilling, boiling, frying

hamJimmie Lamb Ham

The “Jimmie Lamb Ham” is our signature product with the Taste of Nova Scotia. Choose from several forms: fully cooked boneless, picnics or old fashioned hams produced from the legs of pork.

Our hams are all smoked with a natural wood smoke, created from smoldering maple sawdust in our automated smoke house.

Preparation: Roasting only. Never boil!

Our Fully cooked Boneless Ham is ready to eat and can be sliced or shaved or can be reheated.

dogs2Smoked Sausages

Meadowbrook’s smoked sausages and pepperoni are made from our own Omega pork and local Atlantic beef. They are made without animal by-products or fillers, without gluten, and only contain a low level of sodium nitrite which is required in cooked products.

Smoked Sausages: Maple, Honey Garlic, Italian, Wild Garlic, Maple Bacon Cheddar, Cheesy Italian

Pepperoni: Hot & Honey Garlic

Preparation: These are delicious cut into pieces and served with cheese and crackers, used in sauces, on pizza or warm and serve on a bun


All bacon products are cured but may or may not be smoked. (eg. pea meal bacon is only cured) They are cured in brine with a low level of nitrites which is used as a preservative. We had only one variety and style, now we produce our regular flavor in the traditional style and also in shoulder bacon and back bacon, we also offer Maple flavored and Montreal spiced bacon.