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Meadowbrook Meat Market is rooted in farming, Jimmie started the operation in the 1970’s,.  Meadowbrook is a first generation farm which was owned and operated by Jimmie and Margie Lamb of Somerset, Nova Scotia. Jimmie and Margie operated as a team until his death in 2016.

As hog farm operators we have had to make many decisions over the years based on the changes to the hog industry to transition from raising pork selling  into the open market to transitioning into direct marketing of our pork in the early 1990’s.

 When the meat market first opened in the early 90’s, little did we realize that the necessity to diversify would be so great!  

The market became a way of providing fresh home made products to our family along with trying to directly supply fresh and smoked products to Saturday visitors to the farm. From selling a side of pork we grow and process up to fifty hogs per week which now presents the next challenges and opportunities.


With no space to grow more hogs we are faced with the challenge to find   and opportunity to work with a local farmer to grow pork for our market using the same criteria that produces healthy, delicious pork without compromising the values or quality our customers have grown to respect us for.


Over the years to ensure that our pork is of top quality, flavor, and nutrition, we have been selective in our genetics, care and feed- nutrition.  Margie has continued to grow corn and soybeans for the last two years since Jim’s passing, making the decision for 2018 to discontinue this as grain banking is no longer an option and all planting has to be hired out. Working closely with Atlantic Farm Services she is happy to know they will use local grains as part of her feed. The feed nutrition is formulated by an animal nutritious of Grand Valley Fortifiers to ensure a balanced ration including roasted soybeans as a source of Omegas for our pigs.


Over the years we have had many learning experiences from how to make corned beef to smoked ham to sausages and hot dogs. We have faced many struggles from the loss of a large part of the infrastructure due to a major decline in the hog industry to losing half our herd in a fire in 2008.  Meadowbrook’s greatest challenge has been the death of Jimmie in 2016.


Each challenge has presented both struggles and opportunities. We are sincerely thankful to our family, staff, friends along with the amazing people we have met, worked with and have come to know as our true supporters. They have kept us energized about what we do each day. Quality, safety and the environment are priorities in making our business sustainable and will continue to be so as Margie looks to transition the business for continued success in the future.  Meadowbrook continues to look forward to developing new opportunities and giving back to the communities that have supported us."

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