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Fundraising with Meadowbrook Meat Market:

The price on the flyer is the price you would charge your customers, then we invoice you for the amount ordered (less 20% discount). The 20% discount is your profit. The payment of the invoice is due prior to delivery.

This is a self-managed fundraiser which means the organization is responsible for taking the orders, collecting the money, and distributing the boxes. What we do is, take the order of how many boxes you need from you (on a predetermined order date), invoice you the number of total boxes ordered, and deliver them on the date and time you request (also prearranged with you). Once we deliver them, again the organization, is responsible for handing them out. So it is advisable to inform your customers of the date and time you are having the boxes delivered so they can come by and pick them up from you.  If customers do not show up to pick up their meat boxes on the day of delivery, we cannot take them back, so you will need to make arrangements for any leftover boxes not picked up on the delivery day.

When we arrive, our driver will stay with your team member for a predetermined time (we a lot one hour for customer pick up's),  to assist with handing out the boxes. How it works best is to have all the orders on an alphabetical spreadsheet, that way the person you have scheduled to greet the folks coming to pick up their boxes will be easily able to look up the customer's name and tell the driver which box(s) you need to be taken off the truck.

 **Declaimer;  with such a large number of boxes potentially ordered,  we highly recommend that you have someone positioned at the truck with a master list of customers' names and what they ordered. That way the customers can come up to the person with the list and state their name, and the "greeter" can look up what they ordered and let the driver know what to take off the truck. We do not take extra boxes, only the number that has been ordered, so if the driver is given the incorrect box number it can mess up not only that customer's order but also another customer's order as well.  Any additional boxes required due to the order being submitted incorrectly are the responsibility of the organization that submitted and confirmed the order. **

Placing one order with us and having them all delivered on the same date works best. Due to the number of meat boxes possibly being ordered from you, two weeks' lead time is required in order to pack the boxes needed for you.

It is best that you receive all your orders from your representatives a day or two before the date you plan to place your order with us. We can tell you from experience that there will always be one or two people that want to place an order after the cut-off date. 

This is your fundraiser, which means everything is paid to you and your organization if you do plan to accept cheques etc.. please ensure they are made out to your organization, not Meadowbrook.  We will invoice you directly once we receive your order.

Our delivery days are Monday and Wednesday of each week, subject to availability.  Our refrigerated truck is used to make wholesale deliveries for the remainder of the week.

We change the meat box offerings twice a year, so if you would like to run this a few times during the year, there will be different offerings. Typically we offer a Fall/Winter box selection & a Spring and Summer box selection.

We would require the following information before we could book you for a meat box fundraiser; Name of Group or organization Groups contact persons first & last name with contact information The date you would like to submit your order to us The date you would like to have your meat boxes delivered (must be at least two weeks from the date the order was submitted) Delivery day must fall on a Monday or a Wednesday.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Meadowbrook Meat Market 

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